Birthdays of America’s First Suffragists


It has been nearly 100 years since the Nineteenth Amendment gave (most) American women the right to vote and it took about a hundred years of activism to win that right.

The first book in the Ask a Suffragist series, America’s First Feminists, introduces modern activists to the first generation of American women and men to speak out for women’s rights.  Here are some of the women and men featured in the book, listed by birthday.

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Sarah Grimké November 26, 1792
Lucretia Coffin Mott January 3, 1793
Sojourner Truth 1797
Maria W. Stewart 1803
Angelina Grimké Weld February 20, 1805
Harriot Kezia Hunt November 9, 1805
William Lloyd Garrison December 10, 1805
Margaretta Forten September 11, 1806
Stephen Symonds Foster November 17, 1809
Ernestine Polowsky Rose January 13, 1810
Harriet Forten Purvis February 1, 1810
Charles Lenox Remond February 1, 1810
Abigail (Abby) Kelley Foster January 15, 1811
Sarah Forten Purvis 1814
Sarah Parker Remond June 6, 1815
Elizabeth Cady Stanton November 12, 1815
Frederick Douglass February 14, 1818 (Douglass chose his own birthday because his exact birthdate is unknown.)
Lucy Stone August 13, 1818
Julia Ward Howe May 27, 1819
Susan B. Anthony February 15, 1820
Elizabeth Blackwell February 3, 1821
Mary Ann Shadd Cary October 9, 1823
Thomas Wentworth Higginson December 22, 1823
Henry B. Blackwell May 4, 1825
Antoinette Brown Blackwell May 20, 1825
Frances Ellen Watkins Harper September 24, 1825
Marie Elizabeth Zakrzewska September 6, 1829

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Birthdays of America's First Suffragists